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Sport is healthy and keeps the body fit and flexible. Whether football or tennis, jogging, trekking, walking or skiing, each sport has its own characteristics and each carries specific risks of injury. In many ball sports, the joints are heavily loaded; Tennis players are often affected by shoulder or arm problems (‘tennis elbow’), and skiers are prone to injury, including knees.

If you also like to exercise outside or in the hall, train towards a specific goal or simply want to increase your well-being, we will be happy to advise you on how to avoid injuries and put your musculoskeletal system under ideal strain. So we can e.g. B. carry out a posture and movement analysis or a foot scan with precise measurement methods in order to counteract any existing problems. With our wide range of insoles, bandages, compression stockings and orthoses, we help you to be able to practice your favorite sport safely and without discomfort.

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We are also there for you with sports injuries and provide you with bandages or orthoses to promote your mobility and performance, protect injured areas and compensate for any malpositions. In order to ensure fast, individual care, acute cases are also treated immediately.

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In order to be able to offer you an optimal and up-to-date solution in every case, we are constantly educating ourselves. In addition, we work together with doctors in the sense of a holistic approach, offer a second opinion on request or a free gait analysis via video.

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Orthopedic technician trainee
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orthopedic shoemaker
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