High quality bandages from Kajamed

Prevent and treat injuries:

In case of injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also as a preventive measure, bandages can serve you well. Bandages usually consist of a breathable, stretchable knitted fabric and so-called pads/profile inserts, which serve to relieve and support muscles and joints and e.g. B. protect ankles or kneecaps from pressure peaks.

When you move with a bandage on, the muscles have to overcome resistance from the knitted fabric as they tighten and relax. The surrounding tissue is massaged, which helps to relieve pain and promotes the reduction of swelling.
The sensory cells of your skin and muscles also experience stimulation in the area of the bandage.

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Wide range of uses for injuries

Injuries to the joints are not uncommon, especially among athletes and active people.

Bandages can be used to support such injuries by fixing and guiding the affected areas. This can reduce swelling and pain and improve blood circulation. In this way, the injured joints and parts of the body are protected from further stress and can regenerate better.

What we do, we do right! And with our cooperation partners, we can also offer you an even wider range of services, from orthopedic bespoke shoes to home care.

Bandages to prevent further complaints

With their breathable fabric, bandages are comfortable to wear and also do a good job of preventing injuries or making existing problems worse. With their flexible material, they can be used on arms and legs, hands and feet as well as on the knees and back. In short, almost every joint can be treated with a bandage.

Kajamed offers you a wide range of bandages! Our experts will be happy to advise you on which supports are suitable for your needs and explain to you exactly how best to use them.

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