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Custom-made orthoses from Kajamed

Stable and safe through life.

There are different reasons for the use of orthoses: For example, after an accident, due to illness or congenital deformities, they can become a stabilizing and protective everyday companion.

In contrast to bandages, orthoses are orthopedic aids made of solid materials. Temporarily or permanently, they are there to support, immobilize and relieve injured or deformed limbs and entire body regions (e.g. the trunk) in their mobility, or to prevent them from getting worse and to protect them from further injuries – for example in sports.

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We take it very seriously!

In order for an orthosis to develop its full function and provide you with the best possible support, it must be made to measure.

This requires a lot of expertise, technical expertise and experience. The well-trained team at Kajamed specializes in the production of individual orthoses and ensures that your orthosis fits perfectly, feels comfortable when worn and optimally fulfills the therapy goal – for example pain-free movement or help with straightening the body.

More mobility, more quality of life: With a high-quality orthosis or corset from Kajamed, you can take part in life more actively again.

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Areas of application of orthoses

Treatment of deformities of the limbs

Relief in the event of incorrect loads

Fixation or mobilization of joints

Support for muscle problems

Compensation for leg length differences

Decreasing knock knees and bowlegs

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