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Custom insoles by Kajamed

Sits and fits.

Many know it: discomfort when standing and walking. The associated pain and restricted mobility are often caused by malpositions of the feet.

These malpositions can be congenital or can develop over time, e.g. due to incorrect footwear, incorrect posture or certain diseases. Whether splayfoot, pes valgus, pes cavus or mixed forms: foot malpositions can cause considerable discomfort and restrict mobility. The good news is that with custom orthopedic insoles from Kajamed you can counteract pain in the feet and the resulting limitations in the entire musculoskeletal system.

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This area is designed to hold the foot in the shoe. It cushions and relieves at the same time with every step.



The substructure of the insole is the basis for the mode of action. Therefore, we rely on high-quality materials in production.


metatarsal pad

This area serves to relieve the metatarsus and can be individually adjusted.



There should be enough stabilization in the forefoot area of the insole to make every step as comfortable as possible.

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Modern measurement technology and production

We use various measuring methods to analyze your feet precisely in order to be able to guarantee a fitting that is precisely tailored to your needs. So you don’t get any ready-made products, but always an individual, unique piece for your foot.

We want you to stand on healthy feet!

Every foot is unique. Just like any human. Different requirements in everyday life and special clinical pictures require individual and at the same time professional solutions:

Shoe inserts should always be prescribed by a doctor. This is the only way to ensure the best care for your feet by means of aids for work, leisure or everyday life. If your body is on healthy feet, it can straighten up better. Therefore, shoe insoles affect the entire musculoskeletal system (knees, hips, back and shoulders).

Experienced orthopedic technicians will work with you to find the optimal insole fitting depending on your symptoms and gait pattern. The basis is formed by:

  • a detailed gait analysis as well as
  • a detailed 3D scan, blue print or step foam print

In our in-house workshop, we make the right shoe insole to fit every foot. This allows to effectively counteract malpositions and/or pain.

Optimal insole supply

Insoles for correcting foot deformities

Mostly used for splayfoot, flat-knee foot, hallux rigidus/valgus or heel spur.

Relieving sports insoles

serve e.g. B. for cushioning when the feet are particularly stressed during sporting activities.

Active Deposits

Proprioceptive insoles and sensorimotor insoles work actively to restore and build muscle.

What our customers say

“The staff there is very friendly and competent. I had pads made for my son there and this time he wears them with no problems. Many thanks to the Kajamed team in Chemnitz.”
Carol Lin

“Three years ago I had already had very good experience with the still young company “Kajamed”. Now I needed new insoles again and was again lovingly cared for. The experts at Continue reading

“Kajamed” are characterized by individual consultation, custom-fit preparation and high quality with the final product. I can walk very well with the insoles and can recommend “Kajamed” to anyone with a clear conscience. Thank you for the excellent advice and support!”

Heidi Becherer

The right contact person for your care.

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