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Dynamic orthoses or corsets are individually adapted to your child at Kajamed.

If your child needs a corset due to scoliosis or is dependent on dynamic orthoses due to another illness, we can optimally provide your child with custom-made aids from our master workshop. For children who If you need compression clothing after burns, for example, we have a large selection of high-tech clothing available.

Kajamed focuses on producing corsets and orthoses with the highest precision craftsmanship. To contribute to more enthusiasm in wearing the corset or orthosis, your child can choose them from many designs and colors according to their own taste. We are happy to advise you and take a lot of time for you and your child!

Depending on the diagnosis, we manufacture them ourselves or use various partially or pre-assembled dynamic orthoses. We work together with various specialized manufacturers, such as TRICON med (SDO sensory dynamic orthoses), ProWalk (GPS-Soft-Orthese®) or DCC Dynamics Competence Center (Spio®).

Functional and dynamic compression clothing in many colors

When treating scars, for example after burn injuries, compression therapy is an important part of therapy.

Special compression clothing constantly exerts slight pressure on the scar. This supports the regeneration of the scar tissue and ensures a smooth scar appearance. Your child will receive compression garments specially made for children, which we will additionally optimize with pads or silicone inserts if necessary. Through modern fabrics and adapted cuts we achieve optimal functionality and very good wearing comfort. At the same time, the materials used are well stretchable, so they do not restrict the mobility of your child.

Correction and growth corsets

In many cases, a corset is the most effective, non-surgical therapy for children with scoliosis. This can straighten the crooked spine during the growth phase and prevent the scoliosis from progressing.

We provide children and young people with custom-made Chêneau corsets and, depending on the illness or symptoms, with other dynamic orthoses.

These tools support your child’s development. You can

  • have a corrective and stabilizing effect,
  • Improve functions such as breathing and
  • assist in straightening the torso.

In addition, the ability to coordinate and the quality of movements can be positively influenced with dynamic orthoses.

What our customers say

“Yes, everyone is super nice and makes a lot possible. My son runs through Kajamed and has the opportunity to improve his spine with the corset. Everything goes quickly and smoothly. Keep it up.”

Yvonne Hanning

“Super nice and competent advice. A great team, especially Aline, who always has an open ear for us and our concerns. Highly recommended.”

Doreen Weinert

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