pediatric orthopaedics

Orthopedic aids, especially for children

Children deserve – from a medical and personal point of view – a special, child-friendly approach.

We continuously educate ourselves in the field of pediatric and neuro-orthopedics. We put all our findings into practice with great dedication when advising parents and making orthoses and bandages.

Your children are as important to us as our own:

We do everything we can to give even the youngest children a good start and to support them optimally in their development.

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Children and young people play the most important role for us

Pediatric orthopedics is one of the focal points of what we offer and is particularly important to us. We care for our youngest customers in all areas of orthopedics to give them a successful start in life – even if they already have foot malpositions, poor posture or other orthopedic complaints or restrictions.

You will receive from us e.g. B. Custom-made insoles and orthoses for your child:

  • correct the misalignments
  • relieve the musculoskeletal system and
  • that support mobility and health.

Parent Guide

In addition, we offer you an overview of key issues in pediatric orthopedics with our parent guide. Here you can follow the path from problem recognition to diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic and neurological conditions in children. You will also get an overview of Kajamed’s supply of medical aids and services.

Optimum orthosis care

  • Close cooperation with doctors and therapists
  • Focus on holistic therapy
  • Large variety of designs, colors and patterns to choose from
  • Careful selection of materials for the best therapy results
  • Support and tips for you and your child when putting on the orthoses, using them in everyday life and motivating them to wear them
  • Follow-up care and support should problems arise when wearing the orthosis

The right people to contact about your child’s care.

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Lena Palitzsch

Academic expert in neuroorthopaedics
Orthopedic technology mechanic
Zwickau area

0375 561 383 00

Lena Palitzsch

The right contact person for the care of your child.

Call now and make an appointment for a personal consultation!

Lena Palitzsch

Academic expert in neuroorthopaedics
Orthopedic technology mechanic
Zwickau area

0375 561 383 00

Step by step to a better quality of life