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Best possible advice around your child’s foot health!

Your child suffers from a pointed foot gait, increased internal rotation of the feet, or the ankles buckle more often?
Is your child showing signs of knock knees or bow legs?
Your child is older than 15 months and can not stand and walk independently?

Kajamed is your expert in the field of pediatric orthopedic care with the appropriate aids. Each auxiliary device is custom made by hand with possibilities of free choice of materials up to color, decor, strap and seam color etc.

In doing so, Kajamed has made it its mission to set the perfect standards in the industry.

At our locations in Chemnitz-Kappel, Zwickau-Bahnhofsvorstadt or Leubnitz in the Vogtland region, several orthopedic technicians and master craftsmen are available to you, who operate at an excellent level. Thus, we set the focus on the best possible therapy result.

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Our therapy goals are clearly formulated

Supporting and accelerating the existing treatment in their physiotherapy

Improvement of the gait pattern

Effective course of therapy for rapid rehabilitation

Knee and hip extension

Avoid overstretching a joint

Avoiding knock knees or bow legs

More mobility means a better quality of life for your child: With an individual consultation and subsequent fitting, we promote your child’s health in the long term.

We look forward to your call or visit!

Step by step to a better quality of life

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