Our story

Dein Kajamed Team.

Kajamed: unbeatable in a team!

Together for your well-being.

Highly qualified employees, including some trainees:
This is the Kajamed team. In our specialist stores and workshops in Chemnitz-Kappel, Zwickau-Bahnhofsvorstadt and Leubnitz in the Vogtland region, we do everything we can to help you or your child achieve greater mobility and enjoyment of life.

As a young family business, we have committed ourselves to setting standards with our services, especially in pediatric orthopaedics.

We don’t want to do EVERYTHING a little bit, but rather achieve something unique in selected areas!

Help is our focus: We want to support you and your children to go through life pain-free and mobile – with orthotics, bandages, corsets, orthopedic insoles, compression stockings and much more.

Origin story:

In 2014, Kai and Jan laid the foundation for KAJAMED. The reason: many customers were dissatisfied with child care in the region and many business areas were only half-heartedly covered by competitors. After compiling the name using the terms Kai, Jan and Medizin, we could get started. Our claim was and is to cover only a few areas in a highly professional manner and to set higher standards in the field of pediatric orthopedics. We do a few things very well, instead of doing many things “with us”.

Step by step to a better quality of life